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The Wyoming Business Council offers programs and resources aimed at building Wyoming’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and fostering connectivity. The resources listed below are a small representation of some of the opportunities our team can help you explore to fund your startup venture.

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SBIR Matching Program

SBIR Eligibility Graphic

If you check all the boxes, apply here.

SBIR Phase I and II Matching Program

Matching funds for Wyoming companies who receive federal funds through the Small Business Innovation Research or Small Business Technology Transfer programs.

Applicants must commit to remaining in Wyoming for three years after the commercialization of their technology and to seeking additional funding.

Awards will be made in the following amounts:

  • Phase 1 Matches

o   Up to $100,000 for first-time SBIR Phase 1 awardees

o   Up to $70,000 for repeating SBIR Phase 1 awardees

  • Phase 2 Matches

o   Up to $200,000

Application Process

Applications for SBIR Matching Grants will be reviewed in September and October.

We may reach out to you during the grant cycle if we have questions or would like to learn more about your concept or company.

Regional Startup Challenge Sponsorship

To leverage regional successes, Startup: Wyoming is sponsoring startup challenges around the state. 

Eligibility requirements for sponsorship:  

  • Local fundraising  

  • Provide itemized list for use of sponsorship $ and demonstrate need 

  • Regional approach (include other counties/towns in the region to the extent possible)

  • Marketing plan creation and outreach

  • Connection with the statewide entrepreneurial ecosystem

  • Maintain a network of entrepreneurial business coaches

  • Ability to follow the startup challenge process (Lean Launchpad or similar)

  • Arrange pitch event 

Format of startup challenge- Example 

5*-month process for the startup challenge organizer: 

Step 1: Raise funds, marketing plan creation (Day 1) 

Step 2: Launch, marketing outreach, open for applications (Day 60) 

Step 3: Application deadline (Day 90) 

Step 4: Initial screening. Semifinalists selected (Day 97) 

Step 5: Semifinalists pitch virtually (Day 104) 

Step 6: Finalists selected (Day 104) 

Step 7: One coaching session for non-finalists (Between day 105 and 120)

Step 8: Coaching sessions (3-5) with finalists (between day 105 and 150) 

Step 9: Pitch Day with winners (Day 150) 

Step 10: One (or more) coaching sessions with winners (Day 150 –>) 

*This process is subject to flexibility based on the startup challenge organizer and the entrepreneurs’ needs. 


Match dollar for dollar up to $25,000 per startup challenge, matched by local fundraising.  

Sponsorship money can be used for programming of the startup challenge; event planning, marketing, and coaching sessions. No award money. 

You are encouraged to submit the application and budget as soon as possible, preferably prior to launch. That is in order to allow for application and contract processing times and enable you to take full advantage of the sponsorship for the startup challenge. 

Resources for Communities Considering Pitch Day Events

More Information

Read the legislation that created Startup:Wyoming.

Here’s some more links you might find helpful as you explore whether these programs are right for you. 

Find out what’s been budgeted and learn more about the SBIR Matching program’s rules and procedures.

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