Funding Your Dream

The Wyoming Business Council (WBC) offers a diverse portfolio of loan options for eligible businesses and community organizations looking to start or grow their capacity. Below you will find more information on a variety of programs and resources. More details can be found in the WBC Loan Policy.

Please note that statutorily, WBC is unable to loan or grant state funds directly to a private business or individual and all WBC loan programs require a partner member or institution (local EDO, community, commercial lender, etc.) to be involved. The only exception to this is the Contract Loan.

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Loan Program Guide

Strategy Funding Typical Customer Application Process
50/50 Loan 50% up to $2.5M Min of 4% 10 Years
Succession Loan 50% up to $500K Min of 4% 10 Years
Contract Loan Up to $200K Min of 4% 2 Years
Main Street Loan 75% up to $100K Min of 4% 10 Years
Large Project Loan $5M to $25M Min of WSJP-1 Project Dependent
Value Added Ag Loan 75% up to $200K Min of WSJP 10 Years
Challenge Loan 80% up to $1M Variable 10 Years
Natural Gas Loan 75% of Cost Min of 4% 10 Years


Other Loan Opportunities

Check with your local lending institutions or economic development organizations about other loan opportunities available in your community.

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