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Assessment to Action

Strategic Planning & Collaboration

The Wyoming Business Council is working in concert with our citizens, leadership, and stakeholders to build, grow, and sustain communities in which we want to live through:

  • Engagement. Invite our communities to be part of the process.
  • Discovery. Learn who and what we are as a community.
  • Planning. Identify where we want to go and who we want to be.
  • Doing. Take action and move forward.


Assessment to Action (A2A) introduces a process to identify problems and break down barriers obstructing a more resilient local economy. Collaboratively, we test, adapt, and repeat the process to develop locally crafted solutions.

The program begins with an introductory workshop where teams experiment with the flywheel process on a small scale. Communities can then apply for the A2A Program, accessing direct, one-on-one support and resources to diagnose, understand, and respond to the root causes constraining their economy and craft solutions that will more effectively treat the source and actively move the needle.

Amber Power

Community Leadership & Engagement Manager


[email protected]

Economic Growth Flywheel
“I attended the A2A Community Planning Workshop in Riverton with the hopes of getting a few nuggets of information regarding how I can better serve my community through economic development, and I am so thankful I attended. The benefits of learning to identify specific needs and tasks are immeasurable but, in a nutshell, I walked through the door of the workshop in the morning with a mental snapshot of my community in the future, and when I left the workshop, I held a cache of tools at my disposal, including an inventory of improvements, an itemized strategic plan to achieve the improvements, and a timed set of achievable goals for each improvement.”
– Sherry Oler; Mayor of the Town of Hudson



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