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50/50 Loan

50/50 Financing Program

The 50/50 Financing Program in participation with a Bank is designed to help businesses requesting debt financing get to their next milestone. This program as set forth by W.S. 9-12-301 (a)(vi) is typically used for business expansion. The benefits are a blended interest rate that benefits the business and shared risk or increased lending capacity that could be a benefit to a Bank.

Who is Eligible

  • Wyoming Businesses requesting debt financing from a Bank
  • Participating Bank with a Wyoming Business as a third-party recipient

Loan Details

  • WBC max participation of $2,500,00 or 50% of total project whichever is less
  • The business must contribute 15% or more of total project costs
  • Maximum repayment term not to exceed 10 years

Fees & Rates

  • Minimum loan origination fee of 1%
  •  Interest rate: minimum of 4% up to Prime +2

Use of Funds

  • Working Capital
  • Equipment
  • Inventory
  • Real Estate & Other Fixed Assets
John Wendling

John Wendling


[email protected]

  1. Start at the bank and let them know you are interested in the WBC 50/50 Loan
    • If you don’t mention WBC 50/50 Financing Program up front, they might just give you regular bank terms
  2. Once the bank side is secure and sets the loan term (typically 5 years)
  3. Submit the application including all items on the checklist
  4. Loan must be approved by the WBC Board of Directors
  5. Funds disbursed, participation documents signed, and the loan is closed
  6. The bank services the loan so that the borrower only needs to make one monthly payment

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