The Wyoming Business Council's Wyoming Wind Energy Service Company Directory is a tool that connects Wyoming service companies with developers and general contractors developing project here. It helps Wyoming companies get exposure to the industry and helps wind developers and GCs find the local service companies they need to get the job done.

How it works:
Service companies sign up and provide information that developers are interested in like experience, expertise, references and contact information. Then, their profile and information they provide is presented in a searchable, filterable, sortable format that makes it easy for developers to find exactly what they're looking for.

Sign up now or go to the directory.


What is a Wyoming service company?
A company whom a developer or general contractor may subcontract to perform specific jobs such as road construction or concrete pouring. All companies listed here must submit a Wyoming address.

Who checks to make sure the information that service companies provide is correct?
Service companies are trusted to convey their information correctly. Similar to a job application, they are asked to check a box that indicates that the information they provide is correct to best of their knowledge.