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As a Main Street America coordinating program, Wyoming Main Street helps lead a powerful, grassroots network consisting of more than 40 coordinating programs and more than 1,200 neighborhoods and communities across the country committed to creating high-quality places and to building stronger communities through preservation-based economic development.  

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The Wyoming Main Street program includes 4 levels that offer varying degrees of technical assistance, funding, and staff time.  

Main Street Lite is an introductory level for communities that wish to explore Main Street with minimal commitment. Introductory training and access to the Main Street network is offered with minimal requirements from the community.  

Affiliate-level communities are in the beginning stages of true downtown revitalization and typically have a part-time or volunteer driven program. Affiliate programs receive some on-site assistance and trainings as needed.  

Aspiring-level communities are exploring a more in-depth approach to Main Street and are on a three-year training path to become a Certified community. Aspiring communities receive comprehensive training and work with the Wyoming Main Street team and their local Regional Director to develop a strong Main Street program.  

Certified-level communities have paid staff dedicated to implementation of the Main Street approach and are considered mature (or maturing) downtown development programs. Certified communities receive exclusive grant opportunities through Wyoming Main Street and Main Street America and technical assistance as needed. Certified communities are also eligible for national accreditation – a recognition of the extensive work and dedication of each Main Street program to the movement and long-lasting change.  

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