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From the smallest towns to Wyoming’s larger cities, the Wyoming Business Council seeks to enhance the opportunities and resources provided to Wyoming Communities. Take a look through the services and programs we offer and reach out to let us know how we can help you achieve your goals.

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Certified Sites

One of the fastest growing trends in the site location business is the demand for project-ready industrial sites. The reason is simple: companies continue to put pressure on the time allowed for making a location decision, as well as the time required to start construction and complete the project. As such, the location decision process demands available sites, and those sites need to be ready for development.

Communities seeking to recruit projects need to be prepared to market their sites with a wealth of site-related information and data on their communities. Companies are not willing to wait for a community to find an appropriate site and determine its suitability for development.

Recognizing this trend, the Wyoming Business Council (WBC) initiated a Site Evaluation and Certification program. The WBC retained McCallum Sweeney Consulting (MSC), a site selection consulting firm based in Greenville, South Carolina. MSC has executed a number of similar programs around the country. The programs are designed to closely parallel MSC’s site selection projects, with the questionnaires and required support documentation similar to what is required on their siting projects.

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