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WYVC Funds Strategy

The $23.4M of the Funds investment strategy is designed to help capitalize new and existing venture capital or angel funds to support Wyoming entrepreneurs. The Funds strategy allows Wyoming Venture Capital (WYVC) to make limited partnership (LP) investments in early-stage startup focused funds. 

Who is Eligible

  • Organized investment funds with:
    • Committed management teams
    • Focused fund strategies investing in WY companies
    • Additional investors or Limited Partners (LPs)

Investment Details

  • WYVC is targeting 20% of the fund, when appropriate
  • WYVC has a max investment of $5,000,00 or 50% of total fund whichever is less
  • Other LPs are Pari Passu with, or junior to, the WYVC investment
    in cash flow rights
  • The GP or manager must have exposure to the risk of its portfolio in a manner that is consistent with industry standards

Fees & Rates

  • WYVC can pay up to an annualized average of 1.71% for equity support  and management services, over the life of the fund

Gordon Finnegan


[email protected]

To be considered a Wyoming Company a company must meet one of the following criteria:

  • The company is headquartered in Wyoming
  • At least 60% of the employees are in Wyoming
  • At least 60% of the equity is owned by Wyoming residents
  • Committed in writing to fulfill one of the above

Funds Investment Process

  1. Read the certifications, WYVC Rules, and Treasury Guidance to confirm eligibility. 
  2. Complete the application by providing up-to-date items such as the investor deck.
  3. If selected after review, be prepared to give a full pitch either in person or over video call.
  4. Additional due diligence, focused on, but not limited to, the list below, may be requested before determining investment.
    • Team, Business Plan, Prior Fund Performance, Deal Sourcing, Diligence Process, Operational Capacity, as well as Legal and Regulatory Capacity
  5. Complete formal agreements and certifications. 
  6. Register with the State Auditor’s Office EFT system for future capital calls.
  7. Funds committed.
Gordon Finnegan

Gordon Finnegan

Started with the WBC in February 2023.

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