By Ron Gullberg, Communications Director

March 31, 2017

Fact sheets explain regulations for diversifying ag operations

Some of the most popular ways agricultural producers are diversifying their operations include meat processing and ranch recreation.

The Wyoming Business Council, the state’s economic development agency, has made it easier for producers to access and understand regulatory and licensing and registration obligations. Meat Processing in Wyoming and Ranch Recreation fact sheets are now available on the Business Council’s website at (meat processing) and (ranch recreation).

Meat processing means engaging in at least one of the following activities:

  • The slaughter of domestic livestock, bison, rabbits or fowl.
  • The trimming, subdividing and packaging of the above-mentioned species or wild game.
  • The conversion and packaging of meat products into value-added items such as jerky, smoked meats, sausage – i.e. meat product manufacturing.

Those who engage in the meat processing industry or ranch recreation business opportunities are subjected to a complicated array of governmental oversight. 

Agricultural producers are also increasingly aware of how complementary recreational opportunities can improve their bottom lines. These ranch recreation business opportunities include, but are not limited to, consumptive use of wildlife resources (hunting and fishing) and non-consumptive activities (horseback riding, dude ranching, photographic outings).

Additional government oversight not associated with traditional production agriculture needs to be understood and addressed when a producer engages in these activities.

The Business Council is eager to assist companies in navigating the regulatory rules.

Agribusiness Development Manager John Henn has a long career as an expert in the livestock industry. He has worked with Wyoming livestock producers on marketing programs since joining the Business Council in November 2004. He previously worked as a beef cattle nutritionist and consulted with feedlots and cow-calf operations for Cargill and Hergert Milling.

Contact Henn at 307-777-2847 or

License and Permit Program Manager Paul Howard has helped guide clients through the maze of regulations inherent in starting a new business for more than 25 years, first at the Wyoming Department of Commerce and now at the Business Council.

Contact Howard at 307-777-2843 or


About the Wyoming Business Council: Our mission is to increase Wyoming’s prosperity. We envision a Wyoming where industries are strong, diverse and expanding. Small business is a big deal. Communities have the highest quality of life. Wyoming is the technology center of the High Plains. Wyoming knows no boundaries. Please go to for more information.



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