By Baylie Evans, Writer

September 10, 2019

Doug Wilson, Ashley Harpstreith step down from Broadband Advisory Council

The knock of the final "hand gavel" at the September 2019 Wyoming Broadband Advisory Council meeting in Afton marked the end of Chairman Doug Wilson's term on the Council with respect and thanks.

Wilson was one of the initial appointees to the Broadband Advisory Council and was nominated Chair at its first meeting. He brought guidance, knowledge and a passion for pursuing the mission, vision and moonshot set by the Council in its 2018 Wyoming Broadband Plan.  

Wilson has accepted the role of Chief Information Officer for the Medford Oregon School District. 

"Doug is responsible for the majority of our early successes as he kept me focused and grounded when needed and stayed true to our established mission,” said Russ Elliott, the Wyoming Business Council's broadband manager. "Not only was he a great leader but he also became a good friend, and we will sorely miss his presence and focus."

Ashley Harpstreith announced her intent to step down from the Council earlier this summer.

Harpstreith served as the CEO of the Goshen County Economic Development Corporation and was an original member of the Broadband Advisory Council.

"Ashley brought a very focused effort to support broadband and economic development and championed it from her post in Goshen County," Elliott said. "She is moving on to pursue a new role as the Executive Director of the Tax Payers Association here in Wyoming, and we are certain she will bring many wins to that effort, as she did ours. Thank you, Ashley."  

The State of Wyoming and the Wyoming Broadband Council wishes Wilson and Harpstreith as well as their families the greatest successes in their new endeavors. 

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