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Wyoming State Broadband Program to Improve Internet Access and Speeds with Your Help

How good is your internet connectivity? Take the online speed test and survey now to find out!

The Wyoming Business Council (WBC) seeks input from the public to understand existing broadband coverage and ensure every citizen and business has access to affordable, reliable high-speed internet.  

“We want everyone in Wyoming to have the reliable broadband access he or she needs to access the resources that will help improve their lives,” said Governor Mark Gordon. “Having affordable, high-speed internet in our homes and businesses can provide access to the services our citizens need, and strengthen our education, healthcare, and tourism sectors. We have a heritage in Wyoming of tackling difficult challenges and thriving—we can do the same by working together to ensure we expand internet access to all Wyomingites.”

WBC’s Wyoming State Broadband Program will achieve greater success if every resident and business owner takes the internet speed test and survey to pinpoint speeds in their area, including those that may need improvement. The speed test and survey can be found at

“In addition to understanding internet speeds across the state, we are also hyper-focused on ensuring every student in Wyoming has the access they need for remote learning or completing homework after school,” said WBC Broadband Manager Ryan Kudera. “That’s why we are also asking parents of K-12 students to take a school connectivity survey. This will help us find those areas of greatest need and begin to close the digital divide across the state.”

Parents can, and are encouraged, to provide input on both the school connectivity survey and the speed test and survey. Both surveys are available at


The Wyoming State Broadband Program is a program of the Wyoming Business Council. It was built to ensure every citizen and business has access to affordable, reliable, redundant, and future-proof broadband. The infrastructure grant, advisory council, and program manager were enabled by the 2018 Wyoming Legislature. For more information, visit

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