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Wyoming Business Council Hosts Free Community Planning Workshop, June 26 and 27 in Casper

Cheyenne, Wyo. – The Wyoming Business Council (WBC) is looking for teams of community leaders committed to working on economic development challenges to take part in a free workshop focused on cultivating a shared vision and collaborative momentum.
The Assessment to Action (A2A) Planning Workshop is a comprehensive, hands-on opportunity tailored for teams of three to eight individuals devoted to enhancing the economic well-being of their local communities, regions, industries, or state organizations. Teams will dive into a locally-led, problem-driven planning
approach that empowers them to impact on root problems.
The workshop will take place on June 26 and 27, 2024, in Casper, Wyoming. Registration is open until June 1. A maximum of six municipal, county, or regional teams will be accepted and travel scholarships are available.
“The goal of Assessment to Action is to build a community’s capacity for local development,
creating a sense of momentum as they work toward their goals and address the constraints
to their growth,” explains Amber Power, WBC Community Leadership and Engagement Manager.
Support and strategies are available to help communities put together their teams which will meet virtually with the WBC before the workshop for a team-building session. Ideal teams should be comprised of the following individuals:
  • An economic developer or someone working in the economic development space;
  • An elected official representing the town, city, county, or region;
  • A mix of public and private members representing other organizations.


About Assessment to Action

Assessment to Action (A2A) introduces a process of identifying problems and breaking down barriers obstructing a more resilient local economy. Collaboratively, we test, adapt, and repeat the process to develop locally crafted solutions.

The program begins with an introductory workshop where teams experiment with the economic development flywheel process on a small scale. Community, regional, industry, or organizational teams can then apply for the A2A Program, accessing direct, one-on-one support and resources to diagnose, understand, and respond to the root causes constraining your economy and craft solutions that will more effectively treat the source and actively move the needle.

For more information, contact:
Amber Power, Manager
Leadership & Engagement
(307) 287.9886
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