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Wyoming Business Council Announces Wyoming Venture Capital Fund Investment in Frontline Wildfire Defense

Cheyenne, Wyo – Today, the Wyoming Business Council (WBC) announced its second federally-funded Wyoming Venture Capital (WYVC) direct equity investment in Frontline Wildfire Defense, a leading wildfire defense company, to help scale its residential and commercial operations. 
Founded in Wyoming in 2017, Frontline Wildfire Defense is committed to protecting homes, families, and communities from wildfire disasters. Through years of research and development, Frontline has developed a unique approach to wildfire protection, offering a first line of defense to protect property from wildfire. 
Company founder and CEO, Harry Statter, first created a prototype system for homes and structures in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. In 2018, the WBC supported Frontline through the Kickstart grant program, funding the production of the initial version of the Frontline Wildfire Defense System which was installed in and around the Teton region, helping to save structures during the 61,511-acre Roosevelt fire during the fall of 2018.
“Witnessing the impact from Frontline’s Kickstart grant to where they are today raising significant investment is a testament to Wyoming’s burgeoning venture ecosystem,” noted WBC Equity Portfolio Manager Gordon Finnegan. “Playing an impactful role in the startup lifecycle, from founding to investing growth capital, will help more companies like Frontline flourish in the state.”
Frontline has now raised more than $12 million in total funding with the addition of this WYVC investment. Frontline Wildfire Defense System 2 is currently available for property owners in Wyoming, California, and Oregon with plans to soon cover both the US and Canada.
“We are excited to announce WYVC’s investment in Frontline Wildfire Defense which is critical to scaling our operations to meet demand,” Statter shared. “Our kids are sixth generation Wyoming, our business was born in Wyoming, and nothing feels better than to work with this incredible state of Wyoming team to grow Frontline, and to enable families and communities to live safely with wildfire.” 
The WYVC team continues to work through diligence and finalize direct investments in multiple Wyoming-based companies and is also working closely with several Wyoming-focused emerging venture capital firms to support raising their first funds.
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Gordon Finnegan
Equity Portfolio Manager
Wyoming Business Council
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