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Wyoming Business Council Announces Wyoming Venture Capital Fund Investment In DISA Technologies

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Cheyenne, Wyo  – The Wyoming Business Council (WBC) is excited to announce its latest direct equity investment from the federally funded Wyoming Venture Capital (WYVC) Fund in Casper, Wyoming-based Disa Technologies, Inc

Disa is an innovative materials liberation company providing solutions that optimize the world’s use of resources and radically disrupt best practices in the mining and remediation industries. Using patented technology, Disa isolates materials to deliver efficiencies, reduce costs, and mitigate environmental impacts across a vast array of geologic materials including precious and industrial metals, hydrocarbons, and abandoned uranium mine material. Disa platforms treat a vast array of critical minerals that are essential to the economy and our way of life. 

The company was founded by Greyson Buckingham and John Lee in 2018 after first meeting at business school at the University of Wyoming (UW). Headquartered in Casper with a satellite office in Denver, Colorado, Disa primarily operates within the United States and continues to engage in international projects and collaborations. This latest fundraising round will help them expand their engagement with customers worldwide.

“While company co-founders have their roots at the University of Wyoming, DISA also won the UW Ellbogen Startup Challenge, received investment from Breakthrough 307, was awarded a WBC Kickstart grant, and has resided in Advance Casper’s incubation space,” said Gordon Finnegan, WBC Equity Portfolio Manager. “From WYVC’s standpoint, DISA is not only a Wyoming-founded company but is built in Wyoming and is a great example of our early venture ecosystem yielding continued opportunities.”

Disa officially closed its $15 million Series A in December 2023, led by Evok Innovations alongside participation from previous and new investors including WYVC, McKinley Alaska Private Investment, and Halliburton Labs.

The company has innovated within Wyoming’s mining sector through its patented High-Pressure Slurry Ablation (HPSA) technology, which enhances mineral processing efficiency. This technology is a boon to Wyoming’s established mining industry as it can improve grades and/or recoveries for various critical mineral operations. Moreover, HPSA is a sustainable and eco-friendly approach to mineral processing, offering the added benefit of site remediation potential.

As a company experiencing rapid growth, Disa is a significant contributor to job creation in Wyoming, particularly in the engineering, technology, and environmental science sectors. Beyond its economic impact, Disa is actively engaged in community projects. Notably, it participated in a treatability study on the Navajo Nation, sponsored by the U.S. EPA and Navajo Nation EPA, to demonstrate the efficacy of its technology in treating legacy uranium mine waste. The successful outcome of this study not only validated Disa’s technology but also reinforced its business model.

“DISA is a unique pairing of Wyoming’s core strengths, resource extraction, and industry-leading technological advancements,” said Bert Adam, WBC Investments Director. “Investing in companies that can pair our past with our future exemplifies the impact WYVC can have on our state’s economy.” 

The WYVC team continues to finalize direct investments in several other companies and work through diligence with multiple others. The team is also working closely with Wyoming-focused emerging venture capital firms to support raising their first funds as part of WYVC’s fund strategy.

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