May 13, 2020

Business Council seeks to fill two open positions on Broadband Advisory Council

The Wyoming Business Council's Broadband Advisory Council has two open public-at-large positions it seeks to fill. Applications will be accepted until May 31.

The Council oversees the Wyoming Business Council's efforts to expand broadband to the state's most remote reaches, coordinate funding and invite new technologies into our economy to ensure access to fast, reliable internet for all Wyomingites.

Members of the Council must represent geographic diversity and include diverse interests, including backgrounds in economic development, state or local government entities, broadband providers, technology-related businesses, health care, education, library services and public safety. 

Council members are expected to attend regular quarterly meetings, and additional commitments may be required.
Applicants will be reviewed for submission to the Executive committee, which will review and interview candidates. Successful candidates will then be appointed to the Council by the Wyoming Business Council. 

For more information or to apply for the open positions, contact Broadband Manager Ryan Kudera at 307-371-6784 or

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