Business Council releases one-stop business directory tool for communities

Business Council releases one-stop business directory tool for communities

The Wyoming Business Council has released a new tool at to serve as a one-stop site to see open businesses in their community and how to access their services while they navigate the impacts of covid-19.

“The site is searchable by business or by community, and it’s easy to navigate,” said Wendy Lopez, business recruitment manager for the Wyoming Business Council.

The tool provides a quick look for customers to see if there are special hours, new services like takeout, delivery or online shopping being provided by their favorite businesses, or even accommodations being made in order to serve at-risk populations.

To date, more than 800 businesses are entered, including grocers, day cares, restaurants, breweries, retailers and more.

Businesses can easily add their information to the system by clicking “Add Business” and filling out a short, simple form.

Local governments, economic development organizations, chambers and community development organizations are all encouraged to contact the Wyoming Business Council for a unique link that will lead visitors directly to their community and filter just the businesses in their area.

Those organizations are also encouraged to reach out to the Business Council for a template that can be used to upload local businesses in batches.

For more information about resources available to employers, employees and communities, visit

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