By Tom Dixon, Content Marketing Manager

January 30, 2020

Wyoming Rural Broadband

Wyoming internet providers are encouraged to offer feedback on a database released by the Wyoming Business Council Wednesday.

The database organizes internet service providers by county and includes contact information. The final draft of the document will be used to ensure incumbent providers in a county receive ample notification of companies seeking rural broadband grants from the Business Council. 

Applicants must notify other providers in the county of their intended project as part of the public process for awarding grants.

Providers are encouraged to notify us of a current contact and that contact's email, as well as the counties in which they offer internet service. If you are aware of other companies you believe should be listed, but aren't, please share this list. The Business Council will not disseminate this information publicly.

Providers are asked to send their information by Feb. 14.

The database can be found here.

For more information, email Broadband Manager Ryan Kudera at


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