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BRC Program Amendments Now Final

Amendments to the Business Ready Community (BRC) grant and loan program rules have been promulgated and can be found on the Secretary of State’s Administrative Rules page at under “Current Rules” and the Business Council (085) tab. Click on Business Ready Community Grant & Loan Program (0001) to see the final rules for Chapter 1: General Provisions.

The amended rules establish a formal process for the collection and acceptance of public comments related to BRC program applications submitted to the Wyoming Business Council (WBC). These amendments will provide consistency and transparency in the handling of public comments for BRC applications and the comments’ inclusion in Public Meeting materials for the WBC Board of Directors. 

“The Business Council is committed to maintaining a publicly transparent process and we intend to implement uniform best practices for the collection and acceptance of public comments for all of our current and future programs,” said Amy Grenfell, WBC Chief Operating Officer. “This is a testament to the work done by our team every day,”

Additional details about the Business Ready Community Grant and Loan Program and other programs and services available through the Wyoming Business Council are available on the agency’s new website at

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