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Program Information

Strategy and Action Planning

Planning is important, but only as much as it translates into clear, measurable, and valuable action. 

Self Assessment/SOAR

Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations and Results (SOAR) is a positive, action-oriented approach to uncover community and organizational assets, identify goals, and stimulate action.

Asset Mapping

Asset mapping is a  visual depiction of a community’s strengths and resources intended to:

  • identify a community’s resources and assets.
  • uncover opportunities to better use, manage, and build upon these resources.
  • increase community involvement and project ownership.

Ripple Effect Mapping

Community-focused programs may have immediate and direct benefits but often have related and substantial indirect benefits. Work done by communities have ripples of impacts that change culture, policy, and people’s lives in sometimes unanticipated ways. Ripple Effects Mapping is a way to capture all the intended and unintended benefits of programs while harvesting rich, detailed stories that illustrate those benefits.

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