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Grown in Wyoming

Growing Wyoming's Agriculture

Wyoming culture is steeped in ranching and farming.  Agriculture is the state’s third-largest industry, contributing $1.8 billion per year to the Wyoming economy.

Increasingly, Wyoming producers and entrepreneurs are adding value to Wyoming ag and food products, from all-natural gourmet beef to gluten-free oats product manufacturing using Wyoming-grown grains.

We offer a variety of programs focused on reaching new markets and adding value to products. Contact Jill Tregemba with any Agribusiness questions.

Jill Tregemba

Jill Tregemba

Agribusiness Development Manager

[email protected]

Wyoming's ag Roots Run Deep

Our state is built upon this solid foundation and homegrown values. 

Check out our latest annual report on Wyoming agriculture. Among the pages of this publication, you will find examples of foundational agriculture, innovative ag technology, research and development, leaders with solid agricultural backgrounds, and examples of resources available to businesses in our state.

Find a Regional Director to Grow Your Wyoming Adventure


Wyoming Table

We’re proud of Wyoming agriculture and believe more buyers should have the ability to easily connect with high-quality, locally-made Wyoming food and beverage. Wyoming Table bridges this gap by connecting interested regional, national, and international buyers with our local producers. It’s where customers in and out of Wyoming can access the
most delicious food and drinks from you, our local ranchers, farmers, brewers, distillers, and more.

Want to offer your Wyoming made-here, based-here products to buyers all over?

Apply and join our table today.

Apply Here

Visit Wyoming Table

Watch a short demonstration on how to post your products on Wyoming Table.
How to edit your products on Wyoming Table.

Diversified Agriculture

The Wyoming Business Council developed two fact sheets explaining the regulatory requirements and key contacts for agricultural producers interested in diversifying their operations. See the links below to learn more about Meat Processing and Ranch Recreation in the state.

Meat Processing

Ranch Recreation

The Wyoming Business Council also commissioned a study of the Beef Industry in the state. This report examines domestic and international market opportunities for Wyoming beef, investigates opportunities for adding value to offal products, and considers the economic and workforce impacts of the industry. The study can be used to guide public policy for supporting the meat processing industry, options for the industry to improve efficiencies, and a reference for communities to encourage new business development in the industry.

Beef Industry Study 


Meat Processing Expansion Grant

The Wyoming Meat Processing Expansion Grant Program was created to support Wyoming meat processing facilities and Wyoming citizens to address supply chain disruptions and regional shut-downs of processing facilities as a result of the COVID-19 public health emergency.

Learn more about program requirements from the Wyoming Department of Agriculture.

Value-Added Ag Loan

Wyoming producers, producer groups and agribusiness entities may work with their lender to apply for the Value-Added Agriculture Loan program. The bank is the applicant and the producer, producer group or agribusiness entity is the beneficiary.

  • Wyoming producer/producer groups include independent producers, agricultural producer groups, farmer or rancher cooperatives and majority-controlled producer-based business ventures.
  • Wyoming agribusiness entities are those in which the final project will benefit the agriculture industry and its overall economy.

Funds may be used for machinery, equipment and facilities necessary in the processing or packaging of an agricultural commodity.

Funds may not be used to finance working capital, for production-related expenses or to refinance existing debt.


Value-Added Ag Loan Fact Sheet


International Market Development

New and existing value-added businesses face many challenges in the new global economy. The Wyoming Business Council aligns with the Western United States Agricultural Trade Association (WUSATA) to assist ag and food companies looking to enter or expand in the international market.

WUSATA provides export seminars, trade missions, marketing research projects, trade show activities, point-of-sale promotions and access to federal government marketing grants.



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