Forget the travel, stay in your local community, and learn about the federal Small Business Innovation (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) funding programs. This is a comprehensive series of webinars for anyone interested in learning more about SBIR and STTR, or who wants to compete effectively for these important funding sources to develop and commercialize innovative new products and services. Small businesses that complete three of the five workshops will be eligible for a no-cost, Technical Proposal Review by Greenwood Consulting Group, Inc. The number of no-cost proposal reviews is limited, and priority will be given to WY registrants. If you miss a webinar, please contact Kelly at to request access. No cost for this series Webinar 1: Introduction to SBIR/STTR September 3, 2019 The basics of SBIR and STTR, and how they differ from each other. Eligibility of applicants, and of the all-important principal investigator. Difference between grant and contract agencies, and how it affects proposal strategy and content. How the programs have changed recently, and possible changes in the near future. Webinar 2: Comparing Agencies & Finding Topics September 9, 2019 List of the 11 SBIR agencies and the 5 STTR agencies. Key differences among the largest agencies. The changing world of which agencies will accept proposals on “any topic” versus those with specific problems they want addressed. Why you should look to agencies other than the “obvious ones” to fund your idea. When it is OK and smart to send the same proposal to multiple agencies. Webinar 3: Phase I Proposal Preparation September 16, 2019 How proposals are screened before they are reviewed. Typical Phase I proposal contents. Common mistakes and how to avoid them. Advice from reviewers. The growing importance of commercialization in the Phase I proposal. Bonus Webinar: Getting Registered for your SBIR/STTR Proposal September 17, 2019 While many of the federal agencies have unique submission portals, there are some standard registrations you need to do 6-8 weeks in advance for all the agencies. You don’t want to spend 200+ hours writing an SBIR or STTR Phase I or II proposal and then fail in the submission process. Wyoming SBDC Network’s Rich Lyles will share how to get your EIN, DUNS, and SAM. The webinar includes tips for keeping track of these registrations, how to avoid unnecessary costs, and which registrations require updates. Webinar 4: Cost Proposal Preparation September 23, 2019 Why so many SBIR/STTR competitors lose $money$ and how to avoid this. Learn what is meant by “G&A is part of F&A but only at NIH and NSF”. Learn how to develop your own company’s indirect rate. Why you should always ask for profit and what not to ask for. What are unallowables? How do you present a “reasonable” labor rate for everyone on your team? Webinar 5: Phase II Proposal Preparation September 30, 2019 So you’ve won Phase I—now what? Why Phase II is so important. What you always say about your Phase I project when describing it in your Phase II proposal. How you have to ramp up your Phase II commercialization strategy. Presenter: Jim Greenwood and his wife, Gail, have been involved in the SBIR program since its inception in 1983. The Greenwoods have taught SBIR/STTR workshops in 48 states plus Puerto Rico and Washington D.C., offering training through local and regional economic development groups, universities, federal laboratories, SBDCs, and MEPs. The Greenwoods also have taught at many of the National SBIR Conferences in the past decade, including the most recent national conferences in New Orleans, Portland, Washington DC and Austin. They are recipients of the coveted Tibbetts Award, based on their contributions to SBIR/STTR outreach and education efforts, and were recognized by the Small Business Technology Council as “Champions for Small Business” for their outreach efforts during the latest SBIR/STTR programs re-authorization effort.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019; 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
On-line training webinar
Kelly Haigler, Phone: 3077662904
No Cost

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