By Tom Dixon, Content Marketing Manager

April 4, 2019

SLIB Board - April '19

The State Loan and Investment Board (SLIB) approved three Business Ready Community (BRC) grant requests during its April 4 quarterly meeting in Cheyenne.


Business Council staff review each application, conduct site visits, or conference calls in the case of planning grants, and make presentations to a board subcommittee before making final recommendations to the full board.   

About the Program: The Wyoming Business Council administers the Business Ready Community grant and loan program, which provides financing for publicly owned infrastructure that serves the needs of businesses and promotes economic development within Wyoming communities.  

The Business Council board is required by statute to forward BRC grant and loan recommendations to the SLIB for final approval. The SLIB comprises five statewide elected officials: the governor, secretary of state, state auditor, state treasurer and state superintendent of public instruction. 

Business Committed 

  • Sublette County requested $1,032,500 to purchase the building and 2.15 acres of land that currently houses Enviremedial Services, Inc. (ESI). ESI leases the building as its manufacturing facility, but needs to expand to keep pace with government contracts it was recently awarded. Sublette County will own the building, and ESI will pay lease payments to the county for 20 years. ESI will pay for the building's 2,400 square-foot expansion. (The SLIB approved full funding.)

Community Development - Enhancement

  • City of Casper requested $1,520,693 to complete the reconstruction of a three-block area of Midwest Avenue between Elm and Walnut Streets in the Old Yellowstone District. Funds will be used for the replacement of water and sanitary sewer mains, up-sizing of storm sewer mains, roadway, sidewalks, curb and gutter. Funds will also be used for the development of bike lanes, lighting, fiber and underground electrical. (The SLIB approved full funding.) 


  • Sweetwater County requested $50,000 to conduct a Targeted Industry Study for the Industrial Development Project, the region's largest and most ambitious locally-driven venture to generate new conditions for economic development growth and improve quality of life and community stability. The undertaking involves developing an expansive site of up to 15,000 acres in the Southwest Regional Airport and Middle Baxter Road. (The SLIB approved full funding.)


Board meeting materials are available for review at


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