By Baylie Evans, Writer

April 2, 2019

Great Ideas: Sheridan company delivers GIS data to ag industry

A series featuring up-and-coming innovations born or growing up in Wyoming 

Members of the Wyoming Business Council staff hear it all the time as we travel the state: We have so many great ideas and companies flying under the radar right here in Wyoming. I wish more people knew what was going on. 
The Great Ideas series is our effort to tell those stories that make Wyoming proud. 
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In the 90s, Alan Telck remembers asking a group of farmers if they had heard of this new thing called the internet.

“Only a handful knew what I was talking about,” he recalled with a chuckle.

Today, Telck has put the internet to work for farmers and other professionals who work outdoors. He is the president of AgTerra Technologies in Sheridan, which designs and manufactures products to allow mobile mapping, data collection and reporting for agriculture and national resource professionals in the field. It has 12 employees currently.

He got his start in the technology division with Holly Sugar Corporation. When Holly Sugar went through bankruptcy in 2003, he purchased the tech division and started AgTerra.

Back then, AgTerra was focused mostly on agriculture companies.

“We didn’t really set out to be tech geeks,” Telck said with a laugh. “But we recognized that mapping programs such as GIS and the internet could help improve the quality and production of crops.”

Providing farmers with access to technology helps them capture and store information and helps them understand the factors having the greatest impact on crop production. For example, they can visualize with maps and graphs what is working for other growers and how they compare.

Since then, AgTerra’s hardware and software products have experienced many evolutions as technology has changed and grown, always with the focus on making tracking and reporting easier. Today, they support a broad range of industries in addition to agriculture, like forestry, rangeland, wildfire, water management, vegetation management and mosquito control.

One of their core products, SprayLogger, is an industry-leading pesticide application and record-keeping system that is used around the world. Industries and companies use the product to assure that chemical application are done properly while conserving costs.

“Our technology affirms that,” Telck said.

All of AgTerra’s products combine hardware and software designed in Sheridan and built by Pertech Industries in Riverton.

The partnership with Pertech has been wonderful, Telck said. Having a fully Wyoming-made product is important to their customers, and he’s found better durability and reliabliity – which is very important when the tools are used out in the field – with products made by Pertech, as well.

Telck said solving problems and improving efficiency for his customers is satisfying.

“Figuring out how to help a customer solve a problem in their operations generates a real sense of pride among all the employees at AgTerra,” He said. “That’s a neat thing to be able to do.”


As for the future, Telck said he plans to do his best to keep up with technology and continue to perfect AgTerra's products. And he intends to always keep AgTerra’s headquarters in Sheridan. 


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