The Community Review

Rich in community engagement, a Community Review is a community development planning process designed and conducted in coordination with leaders, business owners, and residents in your community. The Review kicks-off with a 2 to 3-day visit to your community by a team of community and economic development professionals performing and in-depth series of listening sessions and culminates in a assisted-grassroots series of volunteer driven projects in response to the values and direction uncovered in the listening sessions. The process is designed to support your community in developing a plan to manage change and pursue your goals on your terms. 

The community review process will leave your community with increased clarity about its goals and opportunities, improved coordination among individuals and organizations, a substantial in-kind contribution that can be used to support future grant applications, and increased awareness of available funding and other resources.

Two (2) communities are selected each year, Applications are due October 15th for both fall and spring reviews.

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