You could have beef, or you could have Wyoming Beef. 

Here, cows bask in warm sunshine, eat nutritious prairie grass and breathe fresh mountain air - and our beef tastes better for it.
We've teamed up with the Wyoming Beef Council, the Wyoming Stock Growers Association and the Wyoming Meat Processors Association to promote Wyoming-grown beef.
Often, the beef we eat here in Wyoming isn't raised here, and so it doesn't support our hardworking Wyoming ranchers. We want to help you make it easier to find Wyoming-raised beef and, when you can't find it, to point your grocer, restaurant manager or cafeteria chef to a source for the healthiest, most nutritious beef there is.
Discover below where you can buy Wyoming-raised beef, and taste the difference yourself.
View the beef industry study here.

WY Legacy Meats

With the combination of Wyoming land, nutrients and our state-of-the art USDA and SQF slaughter and processing facility, we guarantee all Wyoming Legacy Meats products carry the seal of safety, freshness, and a rich deliciousness that will help your family grow big and strong, the Wyoming way.

We guarantee all Wyoming Legacy Meats products are all-natural and free of added hormones or antibiotics, and we also offer grass-fed and organic selections. All meat cuts are choice grade or higher and dry-aged at least two weeks, with the option to age up to 40 days for specialty cuts.

Dr.'s Frank and Caety Schmidt
Cody, WY

We are a sixth-generation, family-owned and family-operated, cow outfit in Jackson, Wyoming. Our philosophy is simple: take care of the land and it will take care of you. Responsible stewardship of our land – from the water to the grass and everything in between - ensures our ability to grow healthy, sustainable beef and deliver a superior product to consumers.

Chase Lockhart
Jackson, WY

307 Meat Company is a USDA-Inspected, full-service meat processer.

We provide everything from custom processing to specializing in private label services.

Our on-site, full-service retail shop connects customers to Wyoming livestock producers.

Kelcey Christensen
Laramie, WY




WY Custom Meats

Wyoming Custom Meats Inc. is state-inspected and offers custom slaughter and processing of beef, lamb, pork and buffalo.

We have a retail sales room offering cuts of locally-born and raised beef, lamb and pork. Wholesale is available.

We have a variety of sausages, jerky and smoked and barbecue goods.

Jared Hamilton
307.332.3655 ext. 2
Hudson, WY