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Learn how your business can succeed in Wyoming

Every day, Wyoming rolls out the proverbial red carpet for businesses with an impressive bundle of financial and strategic advantages: one of the country’s best overall cost- of-doing business ratings, which includes low labor and utility costs, plus one of the most pro-business tax climates in the country—advantages as wide-spread as the plains that sweep across our state.

Take a closer look at the six profiles below to discover what the many thriving businesses here already know: In Wyoming, your business is a big deal.

Wyoming Region ProfileManufacturing ProfileMining and Energy Profile

Data Centers ProfileTransportation and Warehousing ProfileWind Energy Profile

Wyoming Region, Manufacturing, Mining and Energy, Data Centers,
Transportation and Warehousing, and Wind Energy.

For more information on relocating to Wyoming, contact:

Brandon Marshall
Manager, Business Recruitment and Development
Call 307.777.2820 or email brandon.marshall@wyo.gov

Current Programs and Resources

  • Business Costs

    A key benefit of doing business in Wyoming is not having to pay corporate or personal income taxes. Besides allowing business owners to enjoy higher earnings, the lack of an individual income tax contributes to...

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  • About Wyoming

    Why Wyoming offers Wyoming info on site selection, business relocation, commercial real estate, population demographics, and quality of life. Wyoming is one of the most business friendly states offering...

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  • Available Sites and Buildings

    Welcome to www.wyomingsites.com, the Wyoming Business Councils website that showcases available commercial properties around Wyoming. This site is free to you and was developed to help companies interested...

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  • Business Assistance

    Wyoming offers many services to new and existing businesses in the state and to new businesses relocating to the state. The Wyoming Business Council is here to help any business or company relocate to Wyoming....

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  • Business Counseling & Training

    Click here for Wyoming Business Council Partner Services Publication Business Counseling & Training Experts are available to give one-on-one counseling to help business become more profitable. Regional...

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  • Business Incentives

    State Incentives NO Corporate State Income Tax! NO Personal State Income Tax! WyoRECs Renewable Energy Credit Discount Program WyoRECs is a partnership formed in 2013 between the Wyoming Business Council...

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  • Business Permitting

    The Business Permitting Assistance Office provides one-stop permitting and licensing information for existing Wyoming businesses and businesses wanting to relocate to the state. For more information...

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  • Comparison Information

    Wyoming is located in the heart of the Rocky Mountain Region and borders South Dakota, Montana, Colorado, Nebraska, Idaho and Utah. Compare Wyoming to other states and you'll see why Wyoming is better!

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  • Data Center Assessment

    POWERPOINT: Wyoming Data Center Assessment REPORT: Click to view PDF

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  • Economic Development Resources

    Helpful Links: Wyoming Economic Development Association - www.wyomingeda.org State of Wyoming - www.wyoming.gov Department of Administration & Information Economic Analysis Division -...

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  • Human Resources Assistance

    Evaluating organizational human resource practices assists companies in reducing turnover, creating better and more meaningful jobs, increasing wages and benefits and growing career opportunities. A happier...

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  • Incentives

    General Incentives NO Corporate State Income Tax! NO Personal State Income Tax! Business Ready Community Grant & Loan Program – Business Committed Program The Business Ready Communities...

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  • Infrastructure & Transportation

    Wyoming's infrastructure and transportation system includes a statewide high-speed telecommunications network, interstates connecting to major markets, 10 commercial service airports, and class I railroads....

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  • Live and Work Here

    New! Visit the new Wyoming at Work site to find a job, find employees and more! Do you want to live in Wyoming? Imagine working in a place where you want to live. Well, now you can, in Wyoming, the New West!...

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  • Managed Data Center Cost Reduction Grant Program

    About the Program: The Managed Data Center Cost Reduction Program reduction of the utility cost for electrical and/or broadband for the recruitment/growth of managed data centers of sufficient redundancy....

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  • Obtaining Government Contracts

    PTAC, the Wyoming Procurement Technical Assistance Center, helps businesses sell their products and services to government entities by assisting them with the registration process and contract searches. PTAC is...

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  • Quality of Life

    Relocation to Wyoming gives you the freedom to work where you want to live. Have an excellent quality of life in Wyoming. Work where you want to live, in Wyoming, the New West! With endless wide-open spaces, you...

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  • Targeted Industries

    What is the largest industry in Wyoming? Check out the list below for the major Wyoming industries: Wyoming’s #1 Industry (and taxpayer): Mining In 2004 Mining contributed $5.99 billion to Wyoming Gross...

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  • Workforce Assistance

    The State of Wyoming offers many resources to help businesses with their employee training needs from providing workforce training grants to helping them find the right kind of training in their community. Workforce...

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  • Wyoming Business Connections Magazine

    With its absence of personal and corporate income taxes, low energy costs, low operating costs and educated workforce, Wyoming offers significant advantages for business investment and expansion. Wyoming offers many...

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  • Wyoming Education

    Wyoming offers world-class educational opportunities for high school students to attend college. Read about the Hathaway Scholarship Program. University of Wyoming Milks Boom - The Denver Post 8/21/06.....

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  • Wyoming Workforce

    Today's diverse Wyoming workforce is educated and skilled as the top ranking workforce with internet access and technology. Workers are supported by a statewide commitment to bring technology into...

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